The simplest and clearest app to track your data usage on iPhone and Apple Watch. In just a glance, you can know if you're safe from busting your data cap. With real-time statistics and smart forecasts, you don't have to worry about overage again.

Real-Time Tracking

Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi in real-time. No more waiting for your carrier to update.

Track cellular (LTE/4G/3G) and Wi-Fi in real-time, every hour, every day. Always know exactly how much you use.

Smart Forecast

Intelligent usage forecast predicts if you'll stay within your data cap. So you can take precautions.

Even smarter with extended forecasts. Achieve zero wastage and maximize your data plan.

Siri Shortcut

Get data usage forecast just by asking Siri. An easier, faster way to track your usage with voice.

Use your statistics in Shortcuts app. Automate tasks, like turning cellular data off, based on your usage forecast.

Suggested Usage

Intelligent suggestions for how much data you can use right now while avoiding overage.

Data Widget

Instantly check your usage at a glance from any screen. Just swipe on your Lock or Home screen to view.

Instantly check your usage at a glance from any screen. And easily find out what's your data balance for today.

Custom Alerts

In-app usage alerts warn you before you hit your data cap. Four custom alert thresholds.

Push usage alerts in the Notification Center warn you before you hit your data cap.

Data Plans

Auto reset on your monthly bill cycle date. Support all billing periods and Rollover data with in-app purchase.

Work with all billing periods, including monthly and custom N-day plans. Support Rollover / Carryover data.

Activity Stopwatch

Track any activity with Stopwatch widget and see usage for a specific period of time.

Map and Badge

Map where you used data - great for traveling and roaming. Badge app icon with current usage.

Apple Watch

Designed for your wrist to quickly show your most important stats in Complication and Glance.

Beautiful Interface

Get the key statistics you need most in a beautiful, intuitive interface. It's so easy to track your data usage.

Stunning Themes

Create your perfect look. Gorgeous themes, colors and fonts. In-app purchase.

Create your perfect look. Gorgeous themes, colors and fonts.

DataMan Enterprise

Brilliant for traveling. With ability to manage multiple data plans, automatic stats export, and all the great features in DataMan Pro, DataMan Enterprise is the perfect app to help travelers and businesses manage their data cost.

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The simplest and clearest app to monitor data use and alert you when you've used too much.

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Go-to app for tracking data usage that's far more accurate than carrier apps.

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ifanr 爱范儿

「DataMan 中国」是一个非常轻量的流量监测工具,操作方便、设计简约、监控准确。经常爆流量的用户一定用得上。

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