Privacy Policy

Your data is important and private. That's why we take your privacy seriously.


This document outlines the privacy policy about the data you generate and how it is handled by our apps. Your data is important and private, which is why it is an important issue to disclose and explain. Your privacy is taken very seriously.

Information Collected

No identifiable or non-identifiable information is ever collected and transmitted to any XVision servers. No analytics are taken from using our apps. We do not collect any sensitive information. Nothing!

How We Use Your Information

As no information about you is collected, we can not therefore use any information!

Children Privacy

No data is collected about any children’s usage of our apps in any way.

Third Parties

As we do not collect your information, we therefore do not and can not sell information to any third parties or advertisers.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns or questions about this policy or anything at all, please send an email to:

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