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What's Smart Forecast? How can it help me?

Smart Forecast in DataMan predicts if you'll stay within your data cap. It uses on-device intelligence to compute real-time usage forecasts based on multiple factors including your current usage and the remaining days in your bill cycle. This helps you plan ahead and take precautions.

For example, you've used 95% of your cap. If there's only one day left in your cycle, the forecast is SAFE. This means you've enough to last till the end of your cycle. But if there're 29 days left, the forecast is DANGER and you should slow down your usage now to prevent overage at the end.

Can I track more than one data plan?

DataMan lets you manage multiple plans. You can set up multiple data plan profiles, each with its own plan details and usage data. This advanced feature is brilliant for anyone who has more than one data plan, separate data caps for different times, or international travel roaming plans.

Can I use DataMan in the Shortcuts app?

DataMan lets you use your data usage statistics in Shortcuts. You can automate tasks, like turning cellular data off, based on your forecast. In your custom shortcut, add the DataMan action to use its outputs. View sample shortcut

How do I use DataMan Complication for Apple Watch?

DataMan Complication shows your Smart Forecast icon. So a tick icon means SAFE and you're not at risk of overage. Now you can just raise your wrist and know if you're safe from busting your data cap.

I like to deploy DataMan in my business. Does it support managed app configuration?

We've a custom version designed for easy deployment using Apple Business Manager. It supports MDM and managed app configuration. Talk to us to learn how DataMan can help employees avoid overage. Email Support

Does DataMan use VPN? Is it secure? Is it private?

DataMan does not use VPN. DataMan computes the statistics locally on your device. It doesn't reroute any data through proxy/VPN or change your configuration profile. And it doesn't monetize your info. So DataMan is secure and private.

Does DataMan drain my battery?

No. DataMan is designed to work with iOS to be extremely power efficient.

What're the touch gestures in DataMan?

On the main screen, swipe up to see more statistics. Swipe left to access Settings. On the Day screen, swipe left/right to switch days.

How do I set up DataMan to support my 30-day (or N-day) plan?

On the main screen, swipe left to access Settings > Data Plan > Plan Type > N Days. DataMan supports all billing periods.

How do I use the Stopwatch widget?

The Stopwatch widget helps you track any activity and see usage for a specific period of time. Tap the green button to start tracking. Tap again to stop. Tap the text to show more details.

Can I remove DataMan from iOS multitasking screen?

No. You should keep DataMan in the multitasking screen to allow background app refresh. DataMan refreshes your usage statistics in the background. So turn on Background App Refresh for DataMan in iOS Settings > General.

I want to restart (or power off) iPhone/iPad. Will DataMan be affected?

If Background App Refresh for DataMan is turned on, there's nothing for you to do. Otherwise, turn on Background App Refresh for DataMan to ensure your usage is properly recorded.

Does DataMan include Wi-Fi usage in my data allowance?

No, the data cap and alerts are only for cellular usage, not Wi-Fi. DataMan assumes your Wi-Fi is unlimited.

If you like to track your Wi-Fi usage across multiple networks, you can consider WifiMan. Learn more


Is there any promotion for WifiMan?

You can buy our DataMan + WifiMan bundle and get DataMan and WifiMan together at a reduced price. View app bundle

I already have DataMan. Can I get WifiMan at a discount?

Yes, you can use Complete My Bundle when you buy our DataMan + WifiMan bundle. When you complete the bundle, you won't have to pay the full bundled price.


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